Energy effieciency and sustainability at Prague, Czech Republic

A few days ago I had the opportunity to represent my institute, ITIA-CNR, at Ecodesign seminar, hosted by the RCMT – Research Center of Manufacturing Technology in Prague, Czech Republic. The seminar was devoted to the topics of sustainable machine tools, machine tools sub-systems and manufacturing systems design. I delivered a speech on experiences on energy efficiency which we aquired by collaborating with major machine tool builders in Italy. I introduced some of the scientific developments we have made in recent years, e.g. energy simulator, methods for machine tool energy characterization, subsystem-level analysis of efficiency and machining cycle modelling and optimization.

Part of my speech was devoted to sharing the success stories of adopting energy efficient technologies by the companies we collaborated with, and one memorable mention was a cloud based optimization of machinng cycle in a flexible transfer machine, which reduced undesirable power peaks coming from multiple and overlapping operations of machine processings stations. I was glad to see that these Industry 4.0 innovations can bring value to the machine builders, but above, all end-users, reaching the european goals for sustainability in manufacturing.

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