About blog

Dear reader, welcome to InnoFreak blog! Here, I would like to explain why I have decided to write this blog and which sort of articles and content you can expect to find here.

As you may read in my short biography I am professionally involved in research projects in the field of engineering. Usually research results are published in scientific journals and on conferences but these are not open for wide public. These publications and articles are mainly written in a specific jargon which impedes the knowledge to spread outside of narrow circles of specialists in the field. I believe that open access to knowledge is key factor that stimulates growth, both in therms of macroeconomics as well as our personal growth. Therefore, I feel responsible for dissemination of at least part of this knowledge in a free access, readable and approachable manner. On InnoFreak you will find many posts that are somehow extracts or parts of results of my research, which mainly concerns mechatronics, sustainable manufacturing and energy efficiency.


On the other hand I would like to publish articles and posts that are related more to my engineering experience and passion. These will be divided into two groups: a technical one and more related to business/innovation. The first one will be mostly related to digital technology, embedded systems and electronics which are my both profession and passion since my students years. The latter will focus more on emerging technologies and potential for their commercial exploitation. From time to time I will also post about business strategy, managing start-ups and fostering innovation.

Even though I put a lot of energy into selecting proper contents and communicating it clearly to the readers, I will still make some, hopefully occasional, mistakes. Therefore I will be thankful for any comments, suggestions and criticism on both the contents as well as editorial side of my blog.

Take care and enjoy reading!