About me

My name is Jeremi Wójcicki and I am an engineer, researcher and above all technology and innovation enthusiast.

In 2012 I obtained Masters degree in Mechatronics at University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. In years 2012-2013 I was working at RCC Nova, a commercial R&D unit, as a younger R&D specialist. I was involved in NVH measurements and analysis of large power generators and I was also responsible for product development (embedded control systems for railway industry).

From December 2013  I’m following a PhD programme at Mechanical Department of Polytechnic of Milan. At the same time a am working as a research fellow at Institute of Industrial Technology and Automation belonging to National Research Council in Italy. My research concerns sustainable manufacturing and I mainly focus on aspects regarding energy efficiency of machine tools and discrete manufacturing systems. In my research I use model-based methods for energy consumption estimation and smart, wireless sensing for physical systems identification.

I am participating in European funded project, EMVeM, which aims at developing and applying methods for energy aware management in machines and vehicles. Apart from that I expressed a lot of interest in emerging technologies and their possible applications as well as business exploitation of research results.


I widely support the statement that innovation is one of the pillars of sustainable development and a necessity for developed economies. I am truly enthusiastic about open innovation and start-ups creation. If you find my articles interesting, you have some thoughts or comments, or perhaps you seek for a possible collaboration on some brave new ideas – I’m at your disposal. You can find my full Curriculum and contact information on my linked.in website.

In the meantime, enjoy my blog!